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Park stands with Vancouver.

Park Llafet is proud to be a strong voice and advocate in SW Washington for policies that improve education, housing, transportation and jobs.

Park believes that his community in the 49th Legislative District deserves a leader of the people not of politicians and bureaucrats.

As your House Representative, Park will work tirelessly to ensure development of reliable and expanded roadways, job growth, school choice, workable solutions for the houseless, and lower taxes for families and those that are on fixed incomes.

Stand for SW Washington’s prosperity and opportunity. Stand with Park as he fights for your voice to be heard.

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Home, Sweet Home

Out of all the basic needs that a person has, none is more important than housing. Everyone needs a place to come home to at the end of the night.  We don’t have to look far here in Vancouver to see how the houseless problem a few miles south in Portland has gotten worse over the last few years. Looking…

Education is the Great Equalizer

The modern workforce has changed in ways that I would never have imagined as a child, or even in my early adulthood. In keeping with this rapid progress, our education system needs to become better prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await our students after they graduate. Similarly, our businesses need to know that the workforce they require will be available and ready to help them…


Words about Park.


I have known and worked with Park Llafet for 15 years since meeting as volunteers at Ellsworth Elementary.  Over this time I have observed Park in a variety of roles professionally and as a  volunteer.

As president of the Ellsworth PTO, Park did a great job of improving organization  funding  and supporting students, teachers and families. During his time as VP for Evergreen Schools Foundation he provided leadership in fundraising and excellent leadership for foundation committees.   His ability to see the big picture and then creatively eliminate challenges and his determination  and follow through made our school better.  I’ve had the pleasure to be acquainted with him on several different projects & emptying garbage cans after fundraisers!  If  elected as a state representative Park will continue to make Vancouver shine and provide great leadership for the 49th District.


Michael Parsons Vancouver, WA

In the time I have known Park I have had many hours of conversation time over many cups of coffee with him. During much of that time I watched him deal with various stages of his medical and physical recovery. By deal with it, I mean to see him take the troubles in stride with a positive outlook that was impressive and inspiring. During those times, and since, I have learned much about him and the person he is.

Undaunted by adversity and ill winds he remains always the gentleman–Of good character with Christian Spirit and servants heart. His qualifications to serve in the capacity of State Legislator is beyond question. He has a passion for helping the people in his community and great hope for the younger generation who he knows will inherit the world we leave to them and I am confident that it will be his objective to make it a better place than he found it through his representation in Olympia. He has the understanding of people and the experiences of life which have helped to equip him with the knowledge, courage and character suited for the kind of representation the City of Vancouver needs in Olympia.

I am pleased to give him my endorsement and my support. I will Stand With Park. To help him stand for us.

Stephen W. Mosier PCO 613

Washington House District 49


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